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FREEDOM FILTER REDUCES ODOR, BAD TASTE AND 99.9% OF PROTOZOA, VIRUS AND BACTERIA! Provides a fast, convenient, portable water filtering system... for people who want clean, pure and better tasting, water while on the move.

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Our Freedom Filter is a state of the art media filter developed by NASA for use on space exploration vehicles. Patented worldwide.

The typical granular carbon filter relies solely on trapping particulates while the Freedom Filter uses a new, patented absorption process called CLM (Charged Layer membrane).

The unique, electrically charged membrane contains 8 microns of a unique Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) that is encapsulated within the fibers of the filter paper. It attracts negatively charged particles including micro biologicals such as protozoa, bacteria and viruses as well as silica and heavy metals - but it will leave positive minerals such as fluoride.

Pore size of the Freedom Filte is only 2 microns. This pore size alone significantly reduces microbial cysts such as cryptosporidium, a parasite

that causes diarrhea, and guardia. The Freedom Filter   can also reduce viruses, bacteria, and parasites by as much as 99.9%.

Unlike carbon filters, there is no need to flush the Freedom Filter  before use.

Freedom Filter uses an exclusive 3” - 16 Pleat media filter for better purification and better flow.

Freedom Filter filters water automatically every time you take a sip.

Freedom Filter Bottles are BPA free, Recyclable, FDA Approved, CA Prop 65 Compliant, HR4040 CPSIA Certified and made in the USA.

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